Induráin al Camp Nou FOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

“He’s the best player in the world in his position, he can break any record he wants, he’s breaking records that seemed to be impossible to break,” said Miguel Indurain when asked about Messi’s latest accomplishment of breaking the record set by Pelé for goals scored in a calendar year.The five-time Tour de France winner also noted that Messi “is surrounded by excellent players ... what makes him different is that he’s integrated in a team where the players help each other.” Indurain added: “Barça isn’t about individual performances, rather they are about being part of a team. A team that’s full of quality players and managers, a team that’s connected with its fans.”

Motivation during training, key to success

Barça’s recent success in football is largely due to the team’s desire achieve more each year and maintain its standing within elite European football. This motivation, according to Indurain, is decisive: “If you grow weary of what you do it’s better to leave it, you need that motivation to train. If you grow accustomed to winning and you see it as easy, you’re not on the right path. It’s better to have your feet on the ground.”

Barça and the Laureus Foundation

According to Indurain, FC Barcelona and the Laureus Foundation are two organisations that play an important role in society. Both organisations have different ways of reaching their goals, but the underling theme is the same: “The benefits of sports are many, for example, it helps individuals that find it difficult to integrate into society. Each organization does it their own way, but it’s all helpful.”

The ex-bicyclist joined the Laureus Foundation “to give back to the world of sports. We want to collaborate to make it easier for people to integrate into society through sports,” he said.

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