Müller with Messi's jersey / PHOTO: BAYERN MÜNCHEN

This Thursday Gerd Müller received the Barça strip set to him by Leo Messi. The German goalscorer, who netted 85 times in 1972 and whose record was broken by Messi’s 91 goals in 2012, thanked Messi and Barça for the gift: "I'm very pleased and proud to receive a jersey like this from the bet player in the world."

Loaning it to Bayern's museum

Müller, co-manager of Bayern’s reserve team, posed with the jersey in the German Club’s offices, where he declared that he’ll loan out the jersey to the Bayern Munich museum. It’s worth noting that Messi’s message on the jersey reads: “For Gerd Müller / My respect and admiration / A hug.”

The jersey was accompanied by a letter from President Sandro Rosell to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Rosell’s letter states that the jersey “is an acknowledgment to Gerd Müller for what he’s done and for who he is” and he considers that Müller’s record “was a challenge for Messi to better himself.”

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