After tonight’s difficult defeat to Bayern Munich, Gerard Piqué made his way to the press room to declare that the German team were the just winners and the superior side in the away leg of the Champions League semi-final. “They are faster and they are stronger. They played better than we did and this Tuesday they were superior. We need to pick ourselves up, play well in the return leg and win La Liga as soon as possible,” said Piqué, who noted that the referee did not influence the outcome of the match.

“I don’t think we need to talk about the referee. They were better and we have to congratulate them,” said Piqué. He added: “We have try and win the return leg at the Camp Nou.”

Bartra is optimistic

“It’s a difficult day. Losing 4-0 isn’t easy, we have to move forward and finish with our heads held high. We scored against Milan four times, why can’t we score four again?” said Marc Bartra. The full back added: “We need to be optimistic. We owe it to ourselves to finish well. I had two chances to score tonight, that’s not normal, but they didn’t go in. We have to keep on fighting.”

Here are the statements made by the Barça players after the match:

Dani Alves:

“I tip my hat to Bayern for the match they played. It was very difficult to play against them. We have to study what we did poorly, and we still have 90 minutes at the Camp Nou.”

Leo Messi:

“It’s difficult to fight back, but we’ll try to score the goals we need at the Camp Nou. We have to pick ourselves up, finish off La Liga and try to comeback against Bayern.”

Xavi Hernández:

“The result is a bit excessive, but they were the better side. We have to congratulate them because they were superior, they took advantage of their assets. We will try to fight back, because we’re Barça and we’ll keep on fighting until the end.”

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