Gol del Barça contra l'Espanyol a la primera volta. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

Since the 2010/11 season, almost all Barça’s goals in Barcelona derbies have been the work of players brought up through the Masia.  Over this period there have been five matches between Barça and Espanyol featuring 16 Barça goals.  Of these, 14 have had the hallmark of the Masia.

Messi and Pedro top scorers

This fantastic run began with Barça’s 1-5 win in the Cornellà-El Prat stadium in the 2010/11 season, the goals coming from Pedro (2), Xavi and Villa (2).  In fact, Villa is the only player not from the Barça academy to have scored against Espanyol during this period.  In the second match that season, Barça won 2-0 thanks to Iniesta and Piqué.

Last season, Cesc scored in the draw away from home while Leo Messi produced a stunning performance to score four goals in the Camp Nou (4-0).  The last derby turned into another Barça goal feast thanks to Xavi, Pedro (2) and Messi, making the Argentine striker and the Spanish winger the top scorers with 5 and 4 goals respectively.

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