Alves durant el seu pas a 'El Marcador' / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Dani Alves played a crucial role in FC Barcelona’s victory over Deportivo this weekend. The Brazilian, who was interviewed on Barça TV’s ‘El Marcador,’ noted that the team’s “objective was to win and to reach Tuesday with a boost of confidence.” On yesterday’s match against Deportivo, he said, “we went out [on to the pitch] to enjoy ourselves, we did what we always do.” On the upcoming match against Milan, he said, “hopefully we’ve learned our lesson and on Tuesday we compete like we know how.”

Solutions against Milan

“The problem is all mental. When you have negative things around you, it’s necessary to close yourself off, it spreads if you don’t,” said the right back when asked about Barça’s recent string of defeats. “People need to see that you’re going to fight to get to the next round. We need to have a connection,” insisted the Brazilian, who believes the fans will be a crucial factor in Barça’s bid to fight back on Tuesday.

On Jordi Roura and Tito Vilanova, Alves said: “If you win everything it goes well and when you lose someone needs to be blamed, but we’re vaccinated against that. We need to show that the team is good when the leader isn’t around.”

Historic fight back

“We have been a great team, but we’ve never completed a historic comeback. Perhaps the moment has come to do it. We will try to win, if we don’t take risks we won’t win. We are not afraid,” declared Alves.

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