Dani Alves during #CampNouLive's Google+ Hangout / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

Dani Alves said he was very excited about the upcoming matches against AC Milan in the Champions League and the Copa del Rey match against Real Madrid. “These matches are the ones we like to play, we’ve fought a long time to be able to play them. The big games are just around the corner and we’ll do our best to take Barça where it deserves to be,” said the defender during a Google+ Hangout session with FC Barcelona fans this afternoon.

Barça have the right attitude when it comes to winning, tying and losing

Dani Alves went on to say that the team is made up of players that “are aware that winning, tying and losing are part of the football profession ... This Club knows how to win, draw and lose.” When asked about how he stays motivated after winning so many titles with the Calatan Club, the defender said, “winning is a very good vice, the pain of losing is devastating when you’ve won as much as we have.”

His best moment as a Blaugrana

The participants in the Google+ Hangout with Dani Alves wanted to know what his favourite moment has been since he arrived at the Club. The Brazilian was clear: scoring the second goal against Real Madrid in last year’s return leg of the Copa del Rey. The goal proved decisive, and Barça went on to the semi-final of the competition.

Pleased with Messi’s contract extension

Dani Alves also expressed his joy that Leo Messi extended his contract with the Club through 2018. “I think it’s a special day for all Barça fans, because the team’s best player will stay with the Club for many years. I’m very pleased, because I want my friends to do well and because I’ll be able to spend many more years with him,” said the Brazilian.


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Tattoos, food and ‘Marazanazo’

One of the Google+ Hangout participants asked Alves about his private life. “How many tattoos do you have?” asked one fan. “Well, I don’t think we have time to go over all of them, but approximately 15,” said a smiling Alves. “What do you like the most about the city of Barcelona?” “The best chefs in the world are here,” responded Alves. When asked about the Brazilian national team, Alves said, “we’re very eager to play another World Cup final at home, but we want a different ending than the ‘Marazanazo.’”

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