Cesc celebrates with Xavi and Jordi Alba / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Cesc Fàbregas was instrumental in Barça’s 2-3 victory over Sevilla this evening. His team was able to mount an epic comeback thanks to the midfielder’s two goals. The Catalan was extremely pleased after the match and he praised his teammates for the effort they put in against the Andalusians: “We felt comfortable at all times, we dominated the match, but sometimes it can get complicated and we have to show our character - and that’s what we did.” When asked to comment on the criticisms he’s received lately, Cesc said: “I’ve always been at ease, I think there are a lot of people that needed to talk, opine and write stuff but nothing is wrong. I’m tranquil because I’ve gone through rough times before and I always manage to score again. Besides, it’s much easier when you’re playing with quality players like Xavi and Messi.”

Cesc also talked about the play that resulted in a red card for Medel: “There’s contact because he gets my face and in the world of football it’s the intention that matters most. There’s no reason to talk about it. In football these kind of plays are straight reds.”

Here are the most important statements made by the FC Barcelona players after the match:


(200 matches with Barça) “It’s great. I’m young and it’s a good number [of games to reach], but I want a lot more and I want more victories like this one.”

“When a team takes the lead without doing anything to deserve it, it means that it’s our fault. With that said, the opposing team also plays and the most important thing is the mentality and attitude we showed on the pitch. The worst thing about this match is Thiago’s injury.”

(Medel’s red card) “Medel wasn’t letting go of the ball and Cesc went over to get it. The two squared off and Medel hit him. That’s a fair red card.”

(Champions League) “We are eager to win so that we can preserve our perfect start in the Champions League. We want to win but we know that they are a very difficult team and they have quality players, especially up front.”


“I’m happy that I was able to help the team in the little time I had. Sevilla fought hard and they played well. Thank God that I was able to finish off a good collective play. We’re taking the three points.”

“A goal is always important, but only when it helps your team, like today. It’s important to score when it means winning points, especially when you're playing against a difficult rival that leads throughout much of the game.”

“Everything can improve. You have to get better on a daily basis regardless if you win or lose. The team was courageous, we were losing 2-0 at the Sánchez Pizjuán. It’s very hard to win here and it’s even harder to mount a comeback, but Barça fought and that’s why we won three vital points.”

(On the team’s fight back) “We’re fighting back in a lot of our games and that proves that the team is very eager to win.”

(Champions League) “It’s now time to focus on another competition. We’re very pleased to leave here with such an important result and now we have to focus on the match in Lisbon. It’s an important and difficult match and that’s why we can’t afford ourselves the luxury to relax. We want the three points.”

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