Cesc Fàbregas just before the press conference in Gothenburg / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Cesc Fàbregas said in Gothenburg today that “Tito Vilanova is a coach with a lot of personality, more than people think … He’ll have a lot to offer and we have to help him. He’ll help because he knows so much about football and we will help by making sacrifices and having the right attitude. If we help each other, we’ll have a great year”.

Importance of preseason

The Catalan didn’t join the club until the preseason was already over in 2011. But this year, despite returning late because of the European Championships, he has featured in several matches. “These three weeks of the preseason help to make us stronger and we need to fuel ourselves in order to perform better during the season. A good preseason helps build the fitness to see you thorough to the end”.

Better day by day

Cesc admits that he didn’t end last season too well, putting it down to a “mental block. Tito has made it clear that I need to play the way I know. I have to be mobile, look for space, help my team-mates by playing the easy ball … I’ve noticed the difference in the first few games of the preseason, and how rather than staying static at inside left, I have to be more mobile”.

Spanish Supercup

Looking ahead to the Supercup, which doubles as back-to-back clásicos, Cesc said that “they’ll be intense, competitive games. This is just the start of it, but last season we managed vibrant, extraordinary, high-tension games despite some of the players only just having arrived. We are taking this very seriously”.

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