Cesc Fàbregas pulled up his sleeves and played the part of a chef in the presentation ceremony of the new Estrella Damm television spot. After the event, the player talked to the press. Cesc, when asked about Barça’s upcoming match against AC Milan in the Champions League and Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey, said, “the next two weeks are extremely important. It will be very complicated but we have to have the same confidence that we’ve had up until now.”

Cautious on Milan

Cesc rubbished the idea that Barça are favourites in the Champions League tie against AC Milan. “It will be very complicated. We’ll need to be at our best to beat them.” He added that “the match against Milan is key because we want to go to Wembley. We believe that they will be a very difficult rival because of the players they have and because of their history. If we aren’t at 100% we will not go through to the next round.”

Eager to win the Champions League with Barça

One of Cesc’s challenges when he signed for FC Barcelona was to win the Champions League as a Blaugrana. “I’m very eager to win the Champions League, and to win it with Barça would be the best present any footballer could hope for.”

In his second season at Can Barça, the Catalan midfielder declared, “I’ve come back to Barça to stay for the rest of my career. If it were up to me, and if everything goes well, I’ll fight as hard as I can to retire here.”

“Busquets is indispensable”

Cesc also had words of praise for his teammate, Sergio Busquets: “he’s vital for the equilibrium of the team. Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate what he does, but he does a tremendous amount for the team. In the past few years he’s been getting the credit he deserves, especially here. I believe he’s indispensable for the present and the future of this Club.”

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