Cesc Fàbregas was back in the starting line up for the game against Espanyol – the first time he’s figured since his injury against Betis on December 9th and speaking to the Barça TV programme “El Marcador” on Sunday night he revealed that he’d worked hard to make it back for the derby: “I worked on my own during the holidays to be fit enough to make this game –I really wanted this match!”.

Great start to the New Year

Cesc also commented on the team’s good performance: “since we came back, I have noted that the whole squad seemed physically in good form. Breaks tend to affect the rhythm of a team, but we seem to have come back in the same shape we finished in December. If the team keeps on like this, with the motivation we’ve got, there is no end to what we can do”.

“I’m feeling brighter this season”

On a personal level, Cesc explained: “I noticed last season that at times my legs felt heavy, but I feel much brighter this season and I’ve got more confidence and can sense the confidence the crowd have in me too. I’ve played with Andres for many years and we know each other well, which lets us interchange positions to create danger for other players. The team have many tactical variations all over the pitch and that is very positive, because it confuses the other team. Then we have the individual skill to finish off the moves”.

Tito is the leader
Against Espanyol Tito Vilanova was back in charge after his operation and Cesc explained: “Tito is our leader right now. He’s dealt with the changeover quite naturally and he has surprised us all with how quickly he has recovered – that’s given us all a lift and makes us even more determined to improve”.


FIFA Award

FIFA will be announcing its 2012 Player of the Year this evening, with Leo Messi and Andres Iniesta as finalists alongside Cristiano Ronald. Cesc is clear who he thinks should win the award: “Messi or Iniesta will win it. Whatever happens we’ll be happy with it – for me, they are two born winners”.

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