“Winning titles and playing big matches isn’t one of the best things about football, it’s about making good friends along the way. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Mathieu and he’s become one of my greatest friends in the sport,” said Cesc Fàbregas on his ex-teammate Mathieu Flamini, who currently plays for AC Milan. FC Barcelona and AC Milan will face off at San Siro Stadium on Wednesday, which will give the two friends a chance to meet once again after both of them left Arsenal for their respective teams.

Four years together at Arsenal

Cesc and Flamini defended the Arsenal colours for four years. The Catalan joined the Gunners in 2003 and the Frenchman followed suit the following year. The two players were inseparable during their time in England, until Flamini joined AC Milan in the summer of 2008. “The last year [at Arsenal] was the best because we got along great both on and off the pitch,” said Flamini. “We spent a lot of time together, we knew each other well and we complimented each other. He would go forward to attack and I’d stay back and defend.”

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