Carles Puyol al plató de Barça TV. Al seu costat, Fernando Belasteguin / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Carles Puyol stopped by Barça TV’s El Marcador programme to talk about his return to competitive play after last night’s match against Zaragoza. “I’m pleased to be back and I’m pleased that we won, I’m happy that I’m getting back in the rhythm of things,” said the centre back. Puyol also talked about his recent string of injuries, and he admitted that the one to his elbow was by far the worst: “It was my worst experience as far as injuries go. It was very painful. I didn’t think it would be that bad. The only positive thing about an arm injury is that you can start physical training sooner. I just need to gain a bit of mobility and strength.”

The Barça defender admitted that he received criticism for putting himself at risk with the jump that led to his injury, but he said he would do it again if put in a similar situation: “You can’t think about what has happened to you in the past. If I stop myself from heading the ball or making tackles, it’s time to leave the sport. I always try to help the team, that was just an unfortunate play.” In any case, Puyol once again recovered ahead of schedule: “I don’t pay attention to the estimates on how long I’m supposed to be out of action. I simply try to return to training as soon as possible.”

Demanding with the team’s performance

Puyol went on to say that he’s very pleased with Barça’s start to the season: “It’s incredible and we have to continue like this, we can’t allow ourselves to relax.” However, the captain also noted that the team must focus on shoring up its defensive woes: “We have to improve this aspect of our play, and we’re working on it.” On Zaragoza’s goal last night, Puyol said: “It was a strategic play, I was furious because I did my best to block the shot and the ball went under me.”

Small misunderstanding when Puyol was subbed off

The Barça captain was subbed off for Bartra on the 75th minute of last night's match. He admitted that the substitution surprised him, but after the match he explained the situation: “I told Jordi Alba to tell the bench that someone should start warming up because I was feeling a bit tired. But then I saw the fourth official hold up my number and I was surprised. It was simply a misunderstanding, like when you play the telephone game.”

Puyol's stats from the Zaragoza match

75 minutes played
4 forced turnovers  
No fouls committed
60 attempted passes, 56 completed passes
13 balls blocked

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