Messi celebra un gol contra el Llevant. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

1-2 at Osasuna, 1-4 at Getafe, 2-3 at Sevilla, 4-5 at Depor, 0-5 at Rayo, 2-4 away to Mallorca and 0-4 at Levante. On seven road trips, Barça have scored a massive 27 goals. It’s a club record at this stage of the season, and is more goals than they have sometimes scored away from home in a whole season.

Impressive stats

In the first 57 seasons of the Spanish Championship, from 1928/29 to 1987/88, Barça only scored more than 27 goals four times, That happened in 1951/52 (29) and 1952/53 (28), in the famous year of the 5 cups, 1958/59 (31), with Helenio Herrera on the bench, and in 1985/86 (28), under Terry Venables. In other words, they only narrowly bettered the 27 that the present team has managed in just seven outings.

49 the top score

Following Johan Cruyff’s arrival in 1988, things changed. Barça frequently made it to 27 goals or more in what were usually 19 games away from the Camp Nou. However, in 2001/02 and 2002/03, Barça ended the season with 21 and 20 away goals, tallies that Vilanova and co have already surpassed by some margin.

Barça’s record away goal count is the 49 achieved in 2010/11. Guardiola’s side won La Liga with some amazing away performances, including the 8-0 win in Almeria and a 5-1 drubbing of local rivals Espanyol.


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