Alex Song

Alex Song, who joined FC Barcelona from Arsenal last summer, sat down with Sky Sports last week to talk about his first year as a Blaugrana. “The dressing room is unbelievable that’s why when we come onto the pitch, we know how to do [our jobs],” said the Cameroonian. “The atmosphere is great out on the pitch. I think that’s what makes the difference. The fans are behind us. We need the fans to be behind the team because that’s when we can give our best. We want to give our best for the fans.”

The player went on to admit that Tito Vilanova and Éric Abidal – both of whom had prologued absences from the team due to illness – gave a boost to the team when they made their return: “When Tito came back we were very happy because we were missing something that wasn’t here and it’s the same with Éric [Abidal]. They both have great character because they’re fighting. When you see them fighting it gives you more power to try to help and give your best on the pitch ...  We are more comfortable now and we try to give our best for him [Tito] to make him happy as well because we’ve missed him for a long time.”

Leo Messi, the best player in the world

When asked what it’s like to share the dressing room with Leo Messi, Song said, “I think Leo is special. You can’t compare ... he’s the best player in the world.” He added: “when he was born I think God came and put something in his bed and said ‘go and you be unique in the world.’ I think that’s happened! I’m very proud that I am able to play with him.”

That’s Messi the player, what's he like as a person, probed the journalist. “He’s a fantastic guy, just like all the squad. He’s simple, he jokes around all the time, and he tries to help.” He added: “in the Barcelona dressing room, honestly, I don’t want to say this just because I play for Barcelona, when you see this player - the best champion - his character is just fantastic.”

Watch Sky Sports’ full interview with Alex Song here.

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