Andrés Iniesta

Andrés Iniesta was speaking in an interview with Nike, and claimed that despite the change of manager, “we are as eager as ever, if not more”.

On Tito Vilanova, Iniesta considers that “the way we do things won’t change much. Everybody and every manager has their methods and ways, but I expect they’ll be similar … However, it won’t only be Tito’s responsibility, it is everybody’s. Now, more than ever, the players want to extend this successful period and keep on winning titles”. 

Interaction between young and old

A number of younger players have been promoted to the first team and Iniesta, who was once like them, thinks the most important thing “is for them to feel comfortable with more veteran players … The players coming up should feel happy that they are joining a group of players that were once in the same situation that they are in now.” He also commented on his satisfaction that “the Club is guaranteed its future in different positions.”

Learning from experience

Iniesta was also asked what advice he was able to give to young players hoping to make it big one day. For him, what matters most is that “you have to be confident in yourself, know that you are going to have to get through some difficult situations where you’ll need to have faith in what you can do … Really, you gain advice through experiences. More than specific advice, it’s the experiences each of us have that really make a difference.”

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