This morning, Andrés Iniesta welcomed Neymar to FC Barcelona. The midfielder believes that “it’s great news” that the team will be able to call on the Brazilian next season: “he’s come to the best possible place. He’ll be surrounded with players who will make him even better.”

Iniesta described the Brazilian as “a talented player” who “has a lot of quality.” He also went on to say that Neymar “is very young, he’s only 21, and the only thing we ask of him is that help the team continue in its winning ways.”

What does he bring to the team? “The ability to take defenders on, goals and spectacle. He’s currently one of the best players, and he still is very young and luckily for him he’s come to the Club that will best help him develop as a player."

Iniesta went on to say that Neymar and Messi will surely understand each other on the pitch: “Great players always understand each other. Leo will make Neymar better and Neymar will do the same for Leo. This is a team sport and the sum of what the players put in is what makes this Club great, it’s what makes us the best.

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