Zubizarreta FOTO: ARXIU FCB.

Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona, two great clubs, will meet in the Champions League semi finals. “We’ll see a lot of football in this semi final”, said Andoni Zubizarreta shortly after learning of the draw. “It a game between two great teams with different styles”.

One of the club’s three representatives in Nyon, he went on to say that “there will be great players, great coaches and great fans, plenty of all those things … When I analyse Bayern’s club, squad and history I can corroborate that they’re a great club, but when I look at our own, I see the same. It’s a challenge for us.”

Looking to recover injured players

“Having all of our players is not so much a desire as an objective” he continued.. “But ultimately we have a large squad and we’ll have to use it. Let’s hope we can get them all back fit!” But whatever happens, “we’ll try to keep playing the way we like to play – playing football”.

Although there are hjust two games standing between themselves and Wembley, Zubizarreta doesn’t want to get ahead of himself, realising that they can’t make the same mistakes that they made last season. “We spoke too much about the final last year and then we didn’t get there. We need to focus on the semi finals”.

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