“I have tried things like that so many time before. It was time I got a goal at home” said Adriano Correia, who joined the club in 2010 and has finally scored a goal at the Camp Nou. That makes five for the team in the total, and this was his second in the league. Speaking to ‘El Marcador’ on Barça TV after the win against Valencia, Adriano was obviously in a fine mood, and observed that “we knew it was going to be a difficult game and that we’d have to fight until the end”.

Getting into their rhythm

Although the team is not yet playing at one hundred per cent of their capabilities, Adriano thinks it’s just a matter of time before they do. “Each game gets us more into our rhythm and I’m sure we’ll end up where we want to be.” On a personal level, his main concern is to stay injury-free and be able to perform to the best of his ability.

As for the perfect start, three wins out of three, he said that “it is important to generate a difference between ourselves and an opponent like Real Madrid.”

Adriano ended with a comment about the competition for places, which in his own case is particularly with new arrival Jordi Alba. “It is good for the team and even for the boss, because it means he has doubts in his mind” he said. “It means that all of the players know that we have to be at our best of we want to compete.”

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