Xavi agaisnt Mamelody / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

FC Barcelona will be back in Africa, where they have so far visited cities such as Cairo, Algiers and Oran, this Saturday for their latest pre-season friendly against Raja Club Athletic. This will be the Club’s eleventh game again African teams and they have won them all.

First trip in 1932

On May 5th 1932, Jack Greenwell took a team to play ASMO in Algeria in a friendly game that ended 0-10 to Barça, with four more matches played there that month, beating Gallia-Sorts (1-11), the Algerian national team (1-5), Entente Calo-Usmo (0-3) and ISM (0-6) in the cities of Mostaganem, Oran and Algiers.

League game

Twenty years later, on April 13th 1952, the first team travelled to Tetuan in the north of Morocco, which was then a Spanish colony, to play the local team Atletico Tetuan in the Spanish League. Ferdinand Daucik’s team won 2-5.

Five more friendlies

FC Barcelona visited Cairo for the first time on April 7th 1961 to play National Sporting Al Ahly, who they beat 2-5. In 1974 they were back in Morocco to face WAC in Casablanca, where they won 0-3.

This century, the Libyan team Al-Ittihad visited the Camp Nou on April 2, 2003 and were beaten 0-5, whilst in April and May 2007, Frank Rijkaard took his team to play Al Ahly and Memelody Sundowns in Cairo and Pretoria, winning both games 0-4 and 1-2.


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