Gianfranco Zola. Image: Barça TV

The Juvenil A training session had a very special visitor today, the ex-footballer Gianfranco Zola. The Italian, who is in training to become a manager, praised Barça’s play: “I believe the same thing that everyone else does, they play spectacular football, very pretty to see.” According to Zola, “the majority of supporters admire Barcelona because of their fantastic football and for the type of players they have.”

The big challenge

Zola talked about Barça’s chances winning the Champions League two seasons in a row, a feat that no team has been able to accomplish since the new Champions League format was implemented: “it’s a big challenge because it’s not easy to win the Champions League, even more so for a team like Barça, having won so much. However, if anyone can do it, they can.”

Zola highlighted Barça’s 13 out of 16 titles under Guardiola and said, “for a professional athlete it’s not normal to enjoy so much consistency. This is exceptional.” He added: “I’m confident that Guardiola is one of the best managers of the world.”

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