The win against Osasuna was the latest addition to a stunning home run.  Here are some of the stats:

- Of the 53 goals scored at home in the last 12 matches, 34 of them came in the 8 league matches, 13 in just two Cup games and 6 in a couple of Champions League matches

- Osasuna have suffered at the hands of Barça this season.  The first match in the run of 12 home contests without conceding a goal was precisely against Osasuna. Barça won 8-0 and have now added another 4 in the Cup

- Number 2 goalkeeper Pinto has yet to concede a goal this season. He's played 4 games in which the team have scored 18 goals

- Last night also saw Cesc score twice in a match for the second time since he re-joined the Club. Earlier in the season he scored the first two goals against Levante (5-0)

- After the 4 goals scored against Osasuna, Barça have reached a tally of 50 in the league, 20 in the Champions League, 14 in the Cup, 5 in the Spanish Supercup, 2 in the European Supercup and 8 in the World Club Cup – just one goal short of 100!  Will Barça make the century on Sunday?

- Last night's match was Guardiola's 25th Cup match as manager. Of these he's won 18, drawn 4 and lost 3, while the players have scored 62 goals and conceded 14

- Last night's appearance was the first time that Messi has played in the opening game of the year since Guardiola has been manager

- Xavi didn't score but was involved in the build-up in 3 of the 4 goals

- Piqué stole back possession no fewer than 20 times against Osasuna

- Messi has scored at least twice in ten matches so far this season.  In four of these he went on to get a hat trick

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