Xavi, ambassador of La Caixa's Obra Social / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

Xavi Hernàndez and La Caixa President Isidre Fainé / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

“We’ll keep on pushing to reduce [Madrid’s] lead until the end.” This is Barça’s objective in La Liga said Xavi Hernández during La Caixa’s Obra Social ceremony (where the player was named the organization’s ambassador). The midfielder is clear that his team “won’t throw in the towel” in the national competition. “We’re convinced that we can do great things,” said Xavi, despite the fact that “it’s a very difficult [challenge] and Madrid is very strong, but in football you never know. You can’t give up on La Liga. We’ll keep going until the end.”

The exhibition against Valencia, important

The 5-1 thrashing of Valencia has allowed the Barça team to recuperate the “excellent feeling” the team has enjoyed in the past, said Xavi. The vice-captain explained that “the team played at a fantastic level, one of the best games we’ve played.” He also made special mention of the team’s trajectory so far this season, “we’re having a great year” after already winning three titles and qualifying for the King’s Cup final.

“I believe that Guardiola will renew his contract”

Xavi believes that Guardiola’s stance of taking time to think about possibly renewing with FC Barcelona should be respected. “He’s very motivated and he plans out the games like he always does. He’s still a winner, a leader in the dressing room. I think he’s doing great but it’s his call and we’ll have to wait for his decision.” However, when pressed on the issue, Xavi said that “I think he’ll end up renewing [his contract].”

The midfielder added that his manager has “given us a spectacular level of self-confidence. The boss is a key part of this machinery.” He finished by saying that “we would all like him to renew and for him to stay. We feel good about this manager. He’s a fundamental piece for Barça but we’ll have to wait for his decision.”

Xavi feels recuperated from his injury

After missing out on the Champions League match against Bayer 04 Leverkusen due to injury, Xavi was able to play the final minutes of the game against Valencia. “I feel a lot better and I have a good feeling about it. I’m practically recuperated and I hope to be 100% ready this Sunday,” when Barça will take on Atlético Madrid at the Calderón. The midfielder also pointed out that it’s a good thing for the team to have a lighter game schedule: “it’ll be good for us to regain strength.”

Ambassador of La Caixa's Obra Social

Xavi Hernández was named ambassador of the La Caixa’s Obra Social program in a ceremony that was attended by the La Caixa President, Isidre Fainé. The midfielder recongnised that this “is a special day because I’m joining a fantastic project.” He added that “I’ve had an urge to help people, to feel useful on a social level.”

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