Messi i Xavi

Xavi Hernández, FC Barcelona’s vice captain recently sat down with UEFA.com to answer questions posed by users that follow the European football organization on Twitter. In fact, the response to UEFA’s interview was so successful that the hashtag #AskXavi was catapulted to the number 1 spot on the worldwide trending topic list.

When asked to give his opinion on who the greatest player of all time is, Xavi was clear: “That's very difficult because you're comparing one era with another, but if he continues like this then I think Leo Messi will be the best player in the history of football without a doubt. Everything advances and develops so fast now, and yet Messi is doing the same thing as [Diego] Maradona did 20 years ago and as Pelé, [Johan] Cruyff and [Alfredo] Di Stéfano did many years ago. I think Messi will be the best.

“A sportsman, and a footballer in this case, never gets tired of winning,” said the Catalan midfielder when asked to give insight on how he stays motivated in a sport that’s brought him almost unparalleled success. Xavi finished by saying, “all sportsmen want to continue winning and to be great. This is what sport is all about and that competitive edge makes you want to keep on winning.”

You can read the full interview here.

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