The doctors Ramon Cugat and Ricard Pruna / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

This afternoon Doctor Ramon Cugat and Doctor Ricard Pruna performed surgery on David Villa’s fractured shinbone. The surgical team performed an osteosynthesis procedure and introduced an intramedullary rod (IM nail) in the player’s left leg. The player will remain at hospital for three to four days and he’s expected to make a full recovery within four to five months.

Upon concluding the operation, Doctor Cugat and Doctor Pruna held a press conference in the Ricard Maxenchs press room in the Camp Nou to explain the procedure.

The doctors haven’t ruled Villa out this season

Doctor Cugat, when asked if the striker would be fit before a hypothetical Champions League final on May 19th, said, “Villa’s options of playing this season are small but we can’t dismiss the possibility.” The doctor isn’t ruling out the chance of seeing Villa on the pitch before the end of the season, “it’s close, but there is a possibility of him coming back seeing that eagerness and state of mind are very important factors.” He added, “he’s upbeat and he hopes to be ready for the Champions League final and the Euro Championship. He will set the deadlines.”

Doctor Pruna, who has been with the player since he broke his shinbone in the Club World Cup semifinal in Japan, said, “he was upbeat in Yokohama. He had the spirit to heal immediately and that’s good.” He added that Villa was smiling once the operation had concluded, “his emotional state is perfect.”

Rosell and Bartomeu, visit with Villa

Upon arriving in Barcelona from Japan, Barça President Sandro Rosell and Sporting Vice President, Josep Maria Bartomeu, visited with David Villa at hospital

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