Sebastian Vettel, winner of the Formula One Drivers Championship in both 2010 and 2011, was there to watch Barça's stunning victory against Valencia on Sunday. Speaking to Barça TV, the German said "it was marvellous  to be able to enjoy this game between such good teams in such a venue. It was fantastic".

Xavi his favourite

Vettel is a supporter of Eintracht Frankfurt, and said "I'm no expert, but compared with German football, the Spanish game is faster and much more skilful. And the atmosphere is also incredible". Asked who he admires the most in the FCB squad, the Red Bull driver was quick with an answer. "My favourite player is Xavi because he's the brains behind the team, he's the conductor of the orchestra", he said, adding that "Lionel Messi is a great striker and scores a lot of goals, but he couldn't score so many without the ball getting to him and that's what Xavi is in charge of doing".

Praise for Messi

That doesn't mean to say that Vettel doesn't appreciate what a brilliant player Messi is. "He's incredible, a humble player who plays marvellously. It looks like the ball is stuck to his feet ... It is hard to say whether Messi is the best player ever, it's the same with Formula 1. Times change and nowadays people need different qualities. It is hard to compare him with Pele and other footballers because the contexts are so different".

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