Tito Vilanova. FOTO: ARXIU FCB.

Relaxed, educated, rigorous, persistent, intelligent, responsible and more than anything, a real passionate follower of football. That is how a number of the people who have worked with Tito Vilanova view him, speaking on the Barça TV programme ‘Porta 104’.

From pupil to master

His mentors Joan Font (Vilanova’s first ever coach), Jaume Creixell and Jaume Hugas stress his obedient nature and his capacity to learn. Footballers who shared a changing room with him, such as Lluís Carreras, Pep Setvalls or Gerard Escoda define him as “a good teammate”, always committed and a leader. ‘Sepu’, who was under de Tito at Palafrugell, characterises him as a methodological and demanding coach.

All of them encouraged Tito to be himself and are convinced that his time in charge of the team will be a great success.

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