From Tuesday 10th of April, from 10.00, until Wednesday April 11th at 19.00, via the Club website (www.fcbarcelona.cat), the application process will open for ticket requests for the first leg of the semifinal of the Champions League, where Barça will play away against Chelsea.


[[BOTOVERMELL::TICKETS FOR THE FIRST LEG ++::https://taquilla.fcbarcelona.cat/english/nodisponible.php::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

The process is exclusive to Club members, and they must do it via a form available in the Members section of the website. Each member may make a single request for a ticket, but on the same form there is the possibility of placing up to four requests from members, in case they want to travel together.

FC Barcelona will know soon the number of seats available for this match to be played on Wednesday 18th of April. As usual, 85% of tickets will be distributed amongst members and supporters clubs, whilst 15% will be earmarked for Barça and sponsors sports and institutional commitments.

Draw on 12th of April

All applications will be processed after the established deadline. In case there are more requests than tickets available, on Thursday April 12th a draw will be held before a notary between registered members. The same day, the Club will effect payment for the tickets, which can be picked up on Friday 13th or Monday 16th.

As happened in the games at Leverkusen and Milan, child members (under 5 years old) may not request tickets to an away game. Also, with a single credit card, one may only request a maximum of 8 tickets. Keep in mind that the picking up of tickets must be in person by the member who will use them. In case you are unable to pick them up in person, you should communicate the name of the person, along with their ID number, who will be authorized to pick up the tickets. This person may only collect up to 8 tickets for others.


On Friday April 13th, from 10.00, members without seats in the Camp Nou will have exclusive priority to buy the tickets available for the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League at the Stadium (April 24th) .

Tickets can only be purchased online through the club website, www.fcbarcelona.cat , via ServiCaixa or Ticketmaster. One can purchase a maximum of two tickets per membership card, with a discount of 5% on the first ticket. The sale will remain open as long as tickets are available.

On Monday 23rd, tickets for all members

On Monday April 23th, only to members of FC Barcelona, a second round of ticket sales will be opened, for the sale of tickets via Seient Lliure (Freed-up Seat), making available all remaining tickets. Availability will vary depending on the pace of releases made via Seient Lliure by season ticket holders who can’t attend the game. Tickets can only be purchased online through the club website, www.fcbarcelona.cat, via ServiCaixa or Ticketmaster. A maximum of two tickets per membership card may be purchased, with a discount of 5% on the first ticket.

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