Demand for tickets for the Champions League match at Bay Arena (February 14, at 20.45) surpasses the supply of tickets available to Club members. Therefore, starting this Thursday, January 26 at 9.30, there will be a notarized drawing to equitably distribute the tickets.

The number of member solicitations is well over the allocated 1,214 available tickets at the Club’s disposal. The draw will take place this Thursday and distribution will occur this Friday. It’s worth noting that for this match FC Barcelona has 1,786 tickets to distribute to members and fans, priced at 20 and 26 euros apiece. As usual, 85% of the tickets are made available to members (1,214) and supporters clubs (304. The remaining 15% (268) are reserved for athletic designation and the Club’s institutional members and sponsors.

Petitions until Tueday

Members will have until this Tuesday, January 24, until seven in the afternoon, to solicit a ticket through the Club’s website.

Upon inscription, members will be asked to input their bank information. In the event that a ticket is granted, due to the draw, the member's credit card will automatically be billed and the sale will be finalised.

In regards to group petitions, members only need to input one credit card - the balance for the group tickets will be charged to this card. In the event that sale cannot be completed, the purchase will be forfeit.

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