Thiago, en un acte promocional de Nike / FOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

In an interview with Barça's official media office, Thiago Alcántara talked about his personal feelings on the season so far, and what's currently happening to the team.

What's Thiago's personal evaluation of these first two thirds of the season?

"So far I've enjoyed every second, every moment with the first team. It was amazing what we have experienced so far, winning the World Club Cup, which for me which for me was the best moment. The pre-season was key to our success. The World Under-20 Championship was very important for me, and enabled me to play pre-season with the first team. So far my evaluation is positive for the titles won and the minutes I've played".

Are you satisfied individually?

"It's my first year. I think what I've done so far is very good for a rookie. I'm playing more than myself and the people expected, and I'm very happy what I've done so far".

Do you remember the last advice your father gave you?

"To enjoy every minute of every moment, because it won't come back. Every game you play, every pass you make when you're playing, will never come back. It's unique. You can play a game a certain way and another one a totally different way. You must take advantage and enjoy the moment".

And as a team, how do you think the season has gone?

"I think it's been a good season. We players are not totally satisfied because we want all three titles that are at stake. We know that the League is more complicated due to the points we are behind the first placed team, but I think it is a good season. The fans have been accustomed to the fact that the team have won so many titles in so few years".

You still think you can win the League?

"I think we've shown so far that we can do anything and we'll continue to do that".

These days there is much talk of the future of Guardiola. Does it create some uncertainty amongst the players?

"At the moment we're not uncertain, because te manager who has gien us all so many good things at Barça is still with us. We are enjoying him, his way of coaching, the way he sees football. Later, when the season ends, we'll see if he carries on or not. Of course, what everybody wants, me included, is that he stays at the Club".

How do you feel playing in the first team alongside young footballers like Tello and Montoya?

"It's great because with teammates like Tello, Bartra, and Montoya we've been together since I came to the Club at 15 years of age. Having the pleasure of playing with them in the first team, I don't think we ever thought would be possible. It's something you value highly, that only happens at Barça. Throughout the history of football it's only happened at Barça, and we must take advantage of that. The young players have to fight for a place up there in the first team".

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