Thiago and Rafa Alcántara on Barça TV's El Marcador / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ

Thiago and Rafinha Alcántara visited El Marcador’s studio after Barça’s final Champions League group stage match. It was a dream come true for Rafinha and Thiago to play on the Camp Nou’s pitch together.

Rafinha's joy, who can now say he played a Champions League game for Barça at the tender age of 18, comes as no surprise: “to make your debut in for the team in the Champions League, at the Camp Nou with my brother is something I could never have imagined. The fact that it came true is fantastic, we’re both very happy.”

“Football has always been present in our lives. Since we were little, he would play keeper and I would take shots at him. Then we would switch. Playing together for the first team is something we never imagined would happen, but it finally came true,” said Thiago.

Taking advantage of opportunities

The brothers thanked the Club for the hard work it does with youngsters at the lower levels and the confidence shown by Gaurdiola to the reserve players. “We have a manager that’s daring enough to give youngsters, 18 and 20-year-olds, a chance on a big stage. The fact that we play the way we do shows the confidence that he instills in us,” said Thiago.

Rafinha also said it was a “joy” to have a manager like Guardiola: “he gives us opportunities like today’s and we have to make sure we take advantage of them.”

The Alcántara brothers are committed to continuing their hard work so that they can share more minutes on the pitch together. “I hope this isn’t the last time, we will continue to dream and work hard so that this can happen again,” said Rafinha.

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