The managers of FC Barcelona

The managers and captains of FC Barcelona’s other professional sports teams weigh in on the Clásico. They are optimistic about the team’s chances and they believe that Barça’s brand of football will end up winning out against Real Madrid.

The Roller Hockey trainer, Gaby Cairo, is the most prudent. He, a huge Barça fan, is also a faithful follower of Argentina’s Boca Juniors. The manager knows that the more the game is talked about - like the Boca-River match - the chances of seeing good football is diminished and the game usually ends up in a draw. However, he’s optimistic that Barça will come out on top if they play their usual game.

The rest of the managers, both of the Xavi Pascuals -Basketball and Handball- are betting for a Barça win with goals and spectacular play. In short, they are expecting a festival of football. The captains are also hoping for a Barça win, but they warn that a loss could complicate Barça's title bid.

Finally, Marc Carmona and Javi Rodríguez both believe the end result will be 2-3 for the Azulgranas. They are expecting an attractive match, given the good form both teams are currently enjoying.


Xavi Pascual, manager of FC Barcelona Regal

“These types of games are about passion. It’s a football festival because of the excellence on the pitch. We might be watching the best football game that anyone can possibly watch. Therefore, we have to enjoy it from the start.”

“We haven’t lost to them recently. Even though both teams are on good form at the moment, I think we’ve demonstrated that we’re better during important matches, on the other hand, whatever happens, I always feel as though we’ve won because the aim is to play a spectacular and special style”

“I think we’ll win 1-3”

Juan Carlos Navarro, captain of FC Barcelona Regal

“I hope to see a good game that I can enjoy for the full 90 minutes, where Barça wins”

“If we don’t win it will complicate the Liga. We would be nine points behind, but it doesn’t end there. Because of Barça’s play, which is prettier, I’m expecting an Azulgrana victory”

“I’m expecting a 1-3”


Xavi Pascual, manager of FC Barcelona Intersport

“I think it will be a fairly even game, but I think Barça will come out on top”

“Barça will maintain their philosophy, it’s the key to success and they’ve always been faithful to it”

“I’d bet on any result that would give Barça the win, but if I have to say one, I’d go with 2-3”

Nagy, captain of FC Barcelona Intersport

“These are classic games where the rivalry come before spectacular play. The execution of play usually loses out to who is more effective”

“I think it will be a very tactical game from both teams. I think they, Real Madrid, will look to be effective with their chances and go for a draw or a win with few goals”

“I think it’ll be 0-1 for Barça”


Marc Carmona, manager of FC Barcelona Alusport

“I hope the game is a bit more open than the ones in the past. Where both teams duke it out”

“The primary goal is to cut into the lead they have over us”

“I’d bet on a 2-3 win for Barça”

Javi Rodríguez, captain of FC Barcelona Alusport

“It’ll be an attractive game where both teams are coming into it on good form”

“The objective is to reduce the number of points they have over us and change the course of the Liga”

“I think they’ll win 2-3”


Gaby Cairo, manager of FC Barcelona

“Whenever you watch a Clásico you hope to see something spectacular and that there is an element of excitement. Normally, however, when you look forward to a game so much it usually ends in a draw ... I hope it ends that way, with a draw or a win for Barça.”

“We must trust this team blindly. My confidence in them is huge”

“I think it will be a one-all draw”

Beto Borregán, captain of FC Barcelona

“I hope Barça overwhelmingly wins. Because of their style and trajectory, I think Barça will win out over Madrid”

“They want to go back there and win, and they know that doing that in such a complicated place like the Bernabéu would be turning point in the Liga”

“I think it’ll be 1-3, four goals would be hoping for too much”

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