Messi and Soufian Bouyinza / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

"We have Carles Puyol to thank for conclusive proof that there's nothing, absolutely nothing, Lionel Messi can't do on a football pitch."


"Todo aficionado al fútbol, independientemente de sus colores, debe considerar una suerte y un privilegio poder admirar al magnífico equipo de Guardiola, con el genio de Messi y todos sus compañeros. El Barça nos divide automáticamente entre puristas y pragmáticos. - Irvine Welsh"

[“Every football fan, regardless of the colours they defend, should consider it a blessing and a privilege to be able to admire the magnificent team led by Guardiola, and the genius of Messi and his team-mates. Barça automatically divides un into two groups: purists and pragmatists. - Irvine Welsh”]

“I always wanted to return the favour to Barcelona for everything they’ve given me. It’s an honour to be part of this Club’s history... I could not have done it without my team-mates’ help.”

  • El Mundo Deportivo. The Catalan daily photographed influential athletes, Barça presidents and directors, celebrities, and journalists with Messi’s jersey as a tribute to the Argentine for scoring 234 official goals in the Barça strip.


“The first meeting Lionel Messi ever had with Pep Guardiola ended on a promise. "With me," the new Barcelona coach said, "you'll score three or four goals a game." Guardiola exaggerated for effect; the ridiculous thing is that he was not that far wrong.”



"The kid, Dongou, has no limits, no ceiling so long as he continues his development the way he is,'' his youth team coach and Dream Team European Cup winner Oscar Garcia said.”


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