Abidal celebrating his goal at the Bernabéu / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB


TXIKOLOGÍA CULÉ. TXIKIFORERO. Letter to Abidal [Spanish]

“Y como en las mejores finales que tan bravamente has disfrutado en los terrenos de juego, hoy toda la grada te anima a tí. Y te animamos porque tu coraje y tu fuerza nos inspira que eres un ganador y estamos seguros de que esta contienda también la vas a ganar.”

Real Madrid. “The Real Madrid team gives all of its support to Éric Abidal. We’re that everything will work out. Courage Abidal!

Real Madrid isn’t alone in encouraging the Frenchman, teams and players from around the world are doing what they can to show Abidal that he has friends will stand alongside him. Here’s a list of encouraging messages from the sports world to Abidal.

ESPN. Phil Ball. Messi and the Mortals

“Bobby Charlton said the same of Alfredo di Stefano, whom he labelled "inhuman" after playing against him in the European Cup. He didn't mean that the Argentine was nasty - although he could be - but that, like Messi, he was not made of the normal mortal stuff.”

In Bed with Maradona. Diver and Aguilar. In Adoration: Five Years With Barcelona

“When we first started documenting FC Barcelona in the Autumn of 2007, We had little idea of what was to be the beginning of a journey that would see us witness a series of events that will be remembered as a historic era in world club football, the achievements of which will see this team compared to the best, arguably the world's greatest player. These pictures document the astonishing achievements of the team of Josep Guardiola, including three back to back La-Liga titles, twice winners of the Champions League and Fifa World Club Cup.”

Los Angeles Times. Kelly Candaele. Lionel Messi, The King of Football [From September, 2011]

“The Italian novelist Umberto Eco apparently suffered a crisis of faith while watching a soccer match with his father when he was 13 years old. Surrounded by thousands of passionate fans who were living and dying with their team, all that Eco observed on the field were "senseless movements" of the players that added up to nothing. It was a "cosmic, meaningless performance," he determined. This childhood experience forever linked soccer, in his mind, to the vanity of all earthly things. But he might have thought otherwise had FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi been on that field.”

El Periódico. Emilio Pérez De Rozas. “Mi vida tiene otro sentido”

“El relato de las experiencias de Abidal durante un año de lucha contra una enfermedad que cambió sus prioridades”

TotalBarça. Alexandra Jonson. Something exceptional in a world where ‘manitas’ are normal

“Once again the mouth stands agape, words are gone. You do not score twice on your Champions debut, you just don’t do such a thing, and even less do you score five goals in one and the same game, it’s just not something that has been done.”

David Villa’s Facebook Page. The striker suits up after a long time on the sidelines.

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