Pep Guardiola. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ (FCB).

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FIFA.com. Ladislao Kubala: International ground-breaker, Barça king

“But the only tears Barça fans shed because of Ladislao Kubala over the next decade were ones of joy – triggered by his enthralling repertoire of tricks, defence-piercing through-balls and devastating right-foot shooting from free-kicks and open play. The attacking midfielder inspired one of the greatest sides in the club’s history; Kubalamania inspired the creation of Camp Nou.”

The New York Times. Rob Hughes. Why Ask Why? Just Enjoy Messi

“On Tuesday night in the cold, wet, industrial Rhineland of Germany, Messi found a new field and new opponents to conquer. He created two goals for Alexis Sánchez with passes of breathtaking imagination. He scored a goal out of the sheer desire to run beyond any teammate, any opponent.”

UEFA.com. Messi’s sixth sense explained

“So acute is Lionel Messi's vision on the football pitch that he seems to have eyes in the back of his head, but is there a scientific explanation for his sixth sense?”

Goal.com. Ben Hayward. A Champions League love story - Barcelona’s Lionel Messi breaks competition record with 19th strike in knockout games

“So it is perhaps fitting that on Saint Valentine's Day, the much-admired Argentine created his own celebration of love by breaking yet another record, as he surpassed the mark set for goals scored in the knockout stages of the Champions League in Germany on Tuesday, with his 19th strike in games played at the business end of the tournament.”

El Gráfico. Martín Mazur. Guardiola: Genio Trabajando [Spanish]

“La mente brillante de Josep Guardiola es el motor del mejor equipo de la historia. Los pases de Xavi, los lujos de Iniesta y las aceleraciones de Messi nacen en un sótano, donde Pep se encierra a pensar.”

Los Corresponsales. Sid Lowe / Martin Ainstein / Filippo Ricci. ¿Maradona or Messi? [Spanish, stay tuned - English version could be on the way]

Twitter. Víctor Valdés. Picture of the keeper and a very young Sergi Roberto.

Valdés' photo caption: It fills me pride to share the [Barça] locker room with teammates like @SergiRoberto10. Check out the photo he gave me, it was taken in 2005.

Weezer.com. Matt Sharp, now with The Rentals, shows his footballing colours to the world in Weezer’s ‘El Scorcho’ music video (released in 1996). Spoiler: Keep an eye out for a vintage Barça jersey.

Twitter. David Villa. Picture of two screws that were removed from the player’s tibia.

Villa's photo caption: Two less screws in my tibia. Without them, my recovery will be faster!

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