"Question: Do you have a pre-match ritual or anything you do before a game for good luck?

Xavi: No, I'm not obsessive like that. I try to concentrate and visualise the match a bit. I imagine my opponents, who will play in my area of the pitch and how the match is going to develop, but I have no superstitions."

  • Puyol shows off a new face ornament he picked up during this weekend’s match (this is also your hint to the following question). Caption: Do you know what this is?


“Iniesta has been christened San Andres in some parts. In others he is known as the ‘Heartbreaker’ thanks to his uncanny propensity to score crucial late goals to kill off an opponent, and break rival fans’ hearts.”

“En cuestión de internet siguen batiendo registros: más de 6 millones de visitas en menos de un mes, claro que el premio merece la pena. Por si os animáis os comento que el twitter chino se llama Tencent Weibo y que el Barça tiene cuenta oficial verificada con un millón de seguidores, éste es el enlace… solo hay un “pero” compruébalo tú mismo…”

“Lionel Messi scoring 60 goals in one season is incredible, especially due to the fact that the last time anyone scored that amount of goals in one season was nearly 40 years ago, by one Gerd Muller who used to play for Bayern. Earlier than that? The 1940′s and so on. The incredible thing is that it’s very reasonable to believe Lionel Messi will find himself holding the record for most goals in one season in European club competition this season, with Cristiano Ronaldo not too far behind him.”

“Xavi is different – in basic terms he is a separate type of player, preferring constant neat short passes rather than the searching long diagonals that Pirlo and Scholes favour. Furthermore, his positional development was the opposite – he went from being the pivote in the Barcelona system to playing closer to goal. ‘They asked me to get up and down and provide assists,’ Xavi recalls in Graham Hunter's book Barça: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World. ‘But it's difficult from that [deep] position. Ten or 15 metres further up the pitch, where I play now, makes it much easier for me.’”

"My kids love him," he said. "They both have Barcelona shirts with his name on the back and they like the fact I swapped shirts with him after one of our previous games."

"Barcelona-based orthropaedic surgeon Dr. Ramon Cugat spoke to Catalan radio station Ona FM on the recovery of Ibrahim Afellay, Andreu Fontàs, and David Villa, whom all appear to be well on their way to full match fitness."

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