Josep Guardiola during the 2009/10 La Liga title celebration. Photo: Miguel Ruiz-FCB

“And yes, Messi, still only 24 years of age, equaled or beat several European records. He is more, much more, than an accumulator of statistics, but on the night that Messi became the youngest player to pass 50 goals in the Champions League, he also equaled the 14 goals in one European season set by Milan’s former great, the Brazilian José Altafini, in 1962-3.”

“Tuve el privilegio de hablar con Messi, en una larga entrevista en la que el argentino se desnudó a sí mismo para decir que era feliz en el campo, pero que cuando no jugaba, se volvía loco. Definió, asimismo, su fútbol como el de un niño, intuitivo y salvaje. Sin que esas propiedades hayan menguado, muy al contrario, el fútbol del Messi actual, el del choque contra el Milan, es el de un hombre cargado con la responsabilidad de un líder.”

“Javier Mascherano, es el jugador que cambia el pico, por la pala. Otro de esos jugadores que en este circo mediático en el que vive el fútbol no tendrá su hueco entre los mejores del mundo por no ser un "jugón", pero puede estar seguro "el jefecito", de que millones de aficionados a este juego, entre los que obviamente me encuentro, siempre le consideraremos como uno de los más grandes.”

“What is interesting about that is the way that it has changed the mindset. Barcelona often don't play a back three or a back four, but a hybrid – a back three and a half, perhaps. In the Clásico, that meant Sergio Busquets dropping deep to become an extremely deep-lying playmaker.On Tuesday, against Milan, it meant Dani Alves being given freedom to charge down the right flank, operating most of the time as an attacking midfielder. When they use a back four it is with the knowledge of a back three; when they play a back three it is with the knowledge of a four. It is neither one thing nor the other, but both simultaneously, gloriously protean and so are all but impossible to counter.”

Josep Guardiola and film director Fernando Trueba talk about what motivates them, how they view the future and the intangibles that give them joy in their day-to-day work on the pitch and in the studio.

“Just how Pep shuffles the back four without losing the much improved defensive displays we have seen of late may well prove to be the most significant factor over these next few games”

“The roots of Total Football are ingrained deep within the setup at La Masia. The golden generation of Barcelona and arguably, the Golden Team of world football has its logistics based on the codecs of this simple yet so confusing style of play, and it is fitting that the mastermind – Pep Guardiola – is making apt use of the ‘user-friendly- and ‘use how you want’ nature of these players!”

“It was only a matter of days until we came to a member of the world’s best team. FC Barcelona and more specifically their illustrious cantera La Masia have developed and produced some of the best players in the world at the moment. Even when trying to decide on a youngster to profile and follow for the website I had a list of six who are developing into the next generation to play at the Camp Nou. Players like Isaac Cuenca and Christian Tello are recent graduates of the cantera and have been showing Europe that FC Barcelona are a far way from being done but I wanted to delve deeper. Wingers seem to be coming a dime a dozen for the Catalan giants but one seems absolutely destined for big things.”

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