Puyol with the Copa. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

The Camp Nou officially closed Pep Guardiola’s wildly successful four-year term at the head of the FC Barcelona bench with a celebration of the Club’s 26th Copa del Rey title - Guardiola’s 14th title in 4 seasons. More than 30,000 people showed up to bid farewell to the manager and enjoy the celebration of the 4 titles won this season.

The team captains thank the supporters

After the musical performances, the lights of the Camp Nou were turned off and the captains Iniesta, Valdés, Xavi and Puyol came out onto the pitch. The speeches of thanks to the Barça supporters from the captains gave way to more musical performances and then, of course, the big attraction of the night: the presentation of the Cup trophy won in Madrid and the rest of the players.

The first people to come out of the tunnel were the technical staff, followed by the Barça B players and later the first team. Manel Vich, master of ceremonies for the night, introduced each and every player and manager. The fans gave special standing ovations to Pedro and Messi, but the big applause of the night was reserved for Éric Abidal.

The Frenchman was not able to attend the ceremony. But Guardiola and Tito were, and they were both greeted with enthusiasm.

See you soon, Pep!

With all of the champions on the pitch, the captain Carles Puyol received the Cup trophy, along with the other three titles the team won this season (Club World Cup, European Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup), while the stadium’s loud speakers played ‘We are the Champions!’

The end of the night was capped off with a photo of the players gathered around the four trophies and a spectacular fireworks show, along with the traditional lap of honour. It was the Camp Nou’s way of closing out a successful season and, at the same time, bidding farewell to the most successful manager in the history of the Club .

What the captains said

Valdés: “Fans, members, Azulgrana followers: today is an important say and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your much needed support.”

Iniesta: “When we are here, on the pitch, you are fundamental for us! Being close to you gives us strength, you are our engine.”

Xavi: “You are the best supporters that any Club could dream of and with your honest and exemplary attitude you’ve overwhelmed us. You’ve shown the world that we are more than a Club. We’re are a team!”

Puyol: “We are very fortunate. We all have the Azulgrana feeling in our hearts. That’s worth a lot, so very much. Today we are the ones standing up applauding you. Thank you for being here, thank you for being the way you are!”

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