The doctors Ricard Pruna and Ramon Cugat after Isaac Cuenca's surgery / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

In Isaac Cuenca’s post-surgery press conference, doctor Ricard Pruna also talked about the recovery of the other injured Barça players. He started with Thiago Alcántara. The player sustained an edema on his right tibia during the Copa del Rey final against Athletic Club. Pruna explained that “we have specific recovery plan for Thiago, he’ll have very little down time this summer. He’ll come to the Medical Services office on a daily basis to do magnetic resonance sessions in order to treat his edema. He’ll have two daily sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Halfway through July, we’ll reevaluate his condition. If it’s favourable, and if he’s not at risk of aggravating his injury, we won’t stop him from going to the Olympic Games.”

“We’ll have to manage Cesc’s injury”

In Cesc Fàbregas’ case, the player is dealing with a pulled muscle in his right leg, Pruna said that “it’s not a serious injury, but he’s at risk. We’ve informed the doctors of the Spanish Federation -seeing that the player has been named to Spain’s EURO squad- that Cesc’s injury needs attention.”

The rest of the injured players

Alves is to recovering from his fractured clavicle and, if his the process continues to be favourable, he’ll finish recovering in Brazil. “We have another test on Tuesday and, if everything goes according to plan, we’ll make up a plan for him seeing that the player has asked us if he can finish his recovery process in Brazil.”

On Villa, Pruna said that the player “is not in optimal condition to play in the EURO championship. He’ll be able to work all summer in order to be ready for next season.” While Andreu Fontàs' progress is "fantastic.” Finally, on Éric Abidal: “he’s following the hospital’s recovery schedule, everything is going according to plan.”

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