Gol de Koeman (Wembley).

Sunday May 20, 2012 will mark exactly twenty years since FC Barcelona lifted the European Cup for the first time ever and social networks will be commemorating the event all day. There will be plenty of interaction between fans on the Twitter, Facebook and Tencent Weibo pages.

Sharing unforgettable memories

Everyone can describe their experiences of that wonderful night of May 20, 1992 using the hashtags #wembley1992 on Twitter or #wembley1992# on Tencent Weibo. The FC Barcelona Facebook page will also be sharing emotions. At the same time, fans can send in pictures and recordings of the day that Ronald Koeman made Barça champions of Europe.

Wembley ’92 quiz

On Sunday, the Barça Twitter and Tencent Weibo accounts will also be setting questions related to that historic Barça v Sampdoria clash. The three first correct answers to each question will get a mention. Barça’s Facebook page will also be setting a multiple choice quiz related to the 1992 final.

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