Tito Vilanova and Sandro Rosell, during the press conference / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Sandro Rosell spoke about the appointment of Tito Vilanova during his official presentation to the press. “When Andoni proposed him, we didn’t think twice. For many reasons: because he represents the football ideology we want; for his human values; because he’s a very capable person, with specific ideas about football and how to get them across; and because he has been a Barça man all his life and has the club in his blood”, said the president.

Rosell felt there were only two main concerns. Was Vilanova in good enough health for the job, and was it something he really wanted to do? He had no reason to doubt. “Tito Vilanova is as healthy as an oak, and when directly asking ‘Tito, are you looking forward to it?’, you could see the look in his eyes, he’s very excited … Desire and health are very important in this job” he explained.

Barça pride

Rosell has no doubt that “every Barça fan is proud to have Tito Vilanova managing Barça”. The first team “were the first to show their support … The Board of Directors would like to thank Tito for taking this step forward, and assure him that we’ll be right by his side.” He also made a pleas to everybody in the room help the team “row in the right direction, at least for a while … Let’s go, Tito! We’re going to have a great time together!”

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