Sandro Rosell talked to the press after FC Barcelona’s victory over Athletic Club Bilbao. The President congratulated and praised the Basque side in all of his interviews: “I want to congratulate Athletic for their values, for what they represent. We can learn a lot from them.” He also praised Barça’s players, managers and fans: “I’d also like to thank our managers, players and our fans, who, even though they were fewer, they cheered the team on. We’re very pleased. It’s a great way to finish the year.

“It’s the perfect way to recognise Pep’s work as the best manager in the history of the Club. He’s leaving a legacy behind that Tito will continue,” said Rosell, who added: “we’re once again telling Pep that we love him” Rosell also said that he’s planning on going to the dressing room to congratulate Guardiola in person and that “I don’t pay attention to what people write or say [about us]. They are false commentaries and articles.”

“I don’t see our cycle ending”

On the immediate future, the Barça President is clear: “Tito needs to maintain what has been built. We can’t forget that he’s been part of it all along. We have to follow the same line of work. The team is phenomenal. They are incredible. Tito will do just as good of a job. The players are fantastic.” He added, “the truth is that the players are united. They all support Tito. I don’t see our cycle ending. Whoever thinks it’s over is wrong”

Sandro Rosell confirmed that planning for the next season will start on Monday: “we’ll try to do everything that the managers ask of us to maintain how things have been going.”

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