Ronald Koeman celebrates the winning goal in 1992 / PHOTO: MARK LEECH

Dear members and fans of FC Barcelona,

Today is a day worth remembering, it is a day that’s written in golden letters in our history. Today marks the 20-year anniversary of the Club’s first European Cup title won on May 20, 1992. That day marked the beginning of a journey that, in present day, has turned into the most glorious era in the Club’s nearly 113-year existence.

Today, as I say, is a day to explain to the youngest among us what that victory in the old Wembley stadium over Sampdoria meant. How on the 111th minute, in overtime, the dream that so many generations of Barcelonistas had pursued came true. In that magical minute on May 20 of 1992, in the triangle just outside the area formed by Stoichkov, Bakero and Koeman, the faith of thousands upon thousands of Culés was concentrated. We all held our breath as the Dutchman’s right foot unleashed that powerful and intentional free kick to give us all an unforgettable moment that we all have retained in our memories and our hearts. An eruption of overwhelming joy, hugs and tears of shared happiness, a moment that we must keep alive forever, that we must remember and relive because the history of our Club claimed justice that day. On that day the Club etched its name among the European greats.

The painful defeats in Bern and Seville were left behind on May 20 of 1992, the year in which Barça, Barcelona and Catalonia won the respect and admiration of the whole world. We need to remember and we must be grateful to all those that started to balance the Club’s history with the Club’s trophy cabinet. To President Josep Lluís Núñez and his board of directors, and especially the heroes that brought the Cup home, starting with Johan Cruyff and Carles Rexach, the fathers of the Dream Team. These men sowed the seed of the best Barça team in memory, Josep Guardiola’s.

That team pioneered the creation of a model of play that now days is recognisable throughout the world. That team showed us the way, the Barça DNA is apparent in any player in Barça’s youth system. It's the spirit that makes us singular, unique, and proud.

With the Champions League titles won in Paris, Rome and London, in the new Wembley stadium, Barça’s history gradually started to reflect the greatness of our Club and country. We’re convinced that more will follow... But today is a day to remember and relive the 20th of May of 1992 and that magical 111th minute.

No Culé has forgotten where and with whom they shared that day. Explain the experience and the feelings to the youngest among you. Remembering this feat is the best tribute we can give to that team’s legacy. Explain it to your children, who are used to living in the bonanza of success, that to win and taste the victories we also must suffer painful defeats, that the moments of joy inevitably come with hard work, perseverance and faith. That these joyous moments we’re living today started 20 years ago.

Visca el Barça and visca Catalonia!

Sandro Rosell
President of FC Barcelona

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