Guardiola features in Nike's latest advert

The manager Pep Guardiola is the main protagonist of Nike’s latest football advert. In the advert, the Barça manager watches a game in Barcelona between two youth sides. The video is part of ‘The Chance’ campaign, a Nike initiative focused on finding new talented young footballers.

Guardiola is clear about what qualities he looks for in young footballers: “the first thing I look for is talent... their technique. That’s what’s important at this age. They are young and they are still developing, therefore their physique isn’t that important. It’s exclusively about technique. It’s the first thing that should be looked at.” He also gives advice to the young players: “they should only think about playing. Play when they can. All the time. Everywhere. Only play. The rest will come by itself.”

The FC Barcelona manager also refers to the characteristics of Barça’s youth system model: “the process of training and selection is excellent, and we choose players that are ready and that have excellent technique. We give them everything they need to develop their talent. Later, the passion they have for football will be what decides the rest.”

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