Guardiola and Vilanova instructing the players / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Pep Guardiola has led FC Barcelona in 50 Champions League matches. In his four seasons on the Barça bench, he’s managed to take the team to four consecutive semifinals in the continental tournament. He managed the team in 15 Champions League matches in the 2008/09 season, 12 in the 2009/10 season, 13 in the 2010/11 season and 10 in the current season.

Guardiola has led his team to 31 wins, 14 draws and 5 defeats. The team have scored 119 goals (2.4 per match) and conceded 40 (0.8 per match) with him on the bench. He’s also led his team to two Champions League titles (2009 and 2011).

Alves reaches 200 games for Barça

Dani Alves played in his 200th official match for Barça this evening. He’s defended the Barça shirt 125 times in the Liga, 43 in the Champions League, 21 in the Cup, 6 in the Spanish Super Cup, 2 in the European Super Cup and 3 in the Club World Cup. Despite almost always playing on defence, the Brazilian has scored 15 goals in his 3 and a half seasons at Barça.

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