Barça fans in Milan / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

FC Barcelona members have petitioned 1,622 tickets for the quarter-final match against AC Milan-FC Barcelona (March 28th), through 746 group requests. Keeping in mind that this number of petitions does not surpass the 3,543 available tickets for members, all the petitions made before today, Wednesday, at 19:00 will be granted. There will be no need to hold a ticket draw.

It’s worth noting that, FC Barcelona have 5,210 available tickets to sell to members and supporters, all priced at €33. As usual, 85% of the tickets are allocated to members (3,543) and Supporters Clubs (886). The remaining 15% (781) are allocated to the Club for athletic, institutional and sponsor purposes.

Milan travel options

FC Barcelona wants to facilitate travel for Club members to Milan as much as possible. For this reason, FCB Viajes through Viajes Halcón have come up with two solutions for members to support FC Barcelona in the quarter-final of the Champions League (March 28th).

The first option is to travel to Milan by charter plane and return to Barcelona on the same day of the match, tickets cost €370. Seating is limited, however, same-day travel is guaranteed.

The second option is to travel to Italy by coach, tickets at €75. The coach will leave Barcelona on the night before the match, it will return from Milan right after the Champions League quarter-final game.

Members interested in these travel options to Milan can make reservations with FCB Viajes through this telephone number: 93.300.64.63

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