Mascherano, durant la roda de premsa / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Javier Mascherano defended his manager, Josep Guardiola, regarding the time he is taking in his decision to renew or not his contract in charge of the first team. "Everyone is free to make their own decisions. He's an adult and we should respect the time he's taking. Very often we players also take our time to decide whether to renew our contracts, and in this case everyone agrees: President, Board , fans, and players all want him to continue" he said.

Mascherano believes that this general support for Guardiola is  fruit of "his way of doing things. It's not due to the titles, but by how he's achieved them" he added. In this sense, he agreed with what Xavi said on Tuesday: "It's logical what Xavi said. Which club would be ready for the most successful coach in their history to go?.  No one is prepared for it. We hope he carries on".

In the League, "no margin for error"

Asked about the League, Mascherano  is very clear: "We have to continue our work and win the points that we need, and then see if we have any chance, because we have no margin for error." In any case, he said that maintaining a good run in the regular competition "will help us in the other two competitions" which are the Cup and the Champions League. In this regard, on the draw for the Champions on Friday, he acknowledged having "no preference".

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