The English press, and specifically the 'Daily Mail' and 'Daily Mirror', have focused on Cesc Fábregas. "Fábregas wins second title with Barça" and "Fábregas scores in Barça win", say the two papers. The BBC also remembered the former Arsenal man and led with "Cesc makes no mistake as Barça win Supercup".

In Italy, 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' says "Messi scores, Cesc sentences", while 'Corriere dello Sport' runs with "Messi and Cesc, what a pair!", as well as commenting on how Barça never get tired of winning. In Argentina, 'Olé' heads its match report with the words "The luxury of Monaco" and another article writes about how Messi is the "world goalscorer".

French daily 'L'Equipe' headlines with "The Barça chorus", in reference to the way they dictate the pace of games and seem to play by memory. Specialist paper 'France Football' goes further by saying that "Barça do not share."

In Portugal, 'Record' praises Barça by saying "Much Barça for little Oporto'. 'O Jogo' singles out Messi but was also unimpressed with the referee: "The referee pardons, but not Messi".

Praise from around Spain

The headline in 'AS' proclaimed that "Messi decides again" and 'Marca' also delights in the Argentine star, calling him the "Prince of the ball." 'Superdeporte' calls the team the "Kings of Europe".

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