This Sunday, Keita proved that he’s completely recovered from the injury he picked up against Ivory Coast last week. Keita started for the Mali international team in the match against Benin (1-0). Omotoyossi scored the only goal of the match on 25 minutes. On 74 minutes, Keita created a goal scoring chance for his team but Benin’s keeper did well to avert the danger. Barça’s Mali international was the linchpin in Mali’s attack, but The Eagles weren’t able to equalise.

Absences and manager change

It was fairly evident that Mali were missing some key players on the pitch, especially on defence. The Mali side seem to be adjusting slowly to their new manager Amadou Pathé Diallo and to the absence of captain Mahamadou Diarra. Mali will play next Saturday against Algeria in their second World Cup qualifier match. The game will be played in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).

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