Guardiola instructing his team / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

FC Barcelona lost its first game of the season to Getafe. The 1-0 scoreline leaves Madrid six points ahead at the top of the table with half the season yet to be played. Josep Guardiola believes the distance is salvageable: “There’s a lot of the League still yet to be played. We’ll get back on our feet and keep on going.”

The better team, no goals

The manager, optimistic during the press conference,  oesn’t believe that Barça deserved to lose to Getafe: “We played a good game. I don’t think Getafe was better, but they won and we have to congratulate them. We knew that they were a team capable of defending really well.”

No reproach

Guardiola said that his team tried everything they could to find spaces in Getafe’s defence: “In the first half we found spaces. After, being down 1-0, they played more defensively and when that happens it’s always more cmplicated. We tried to widen the field with Dani Alves and with our wingers.” With that said, the Barça manager added, “I cannot reproach the team, exactly the opposite.”

When asked to rate the referee's performance, Josep Guardiola, as usually, had nothing to say. The Barça manager has his sights set on Tuesday’s match against Rayo Vallecano at the Camp Nou.

Cardoner: “Football can be like this”

Club vice-president Jordi Cardoner said that the Barça expedition returning to Barcelona is “saddened” by the loss, but “very motivated” to play the remaining games of the season. Cardoner also said that “the players tried to win the game from the beginning, but it just wasn’t possible. Sometimes logic doesn’t apply to football. It can be like that sometimes. Our team is enough."

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