Guardiola will manage the team for the 150th time in La Liga this Wednesday / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

This Wednesday, Josep Guardiola will lead his team for the 150th time in La Liga since he took charge of the FC Barcelona bench. It’s one of many brilliant details that the manager will leave behind at the end of the season. In the Liga, Guardiola will finish the year having managed Barça 152 times  - after the game against Málaga, Barça must play against Espanyol and Betis.

Guardiola will be the Barça manager with the fourth most games for the Club in La Liga, only beaten by Johan Cruyff (306), Marinus Michels (204) and Frank Rijkaard (190). Barça have lifted the Liga trophy three times out of the last four seasons, and all three titles required an impressive point haul (87,99, and 96). Throughout the 149 matches managed by Guardiola, the first team’s numbers have been spectacular.

Dream-like stats

Of Guardiola’s 149 games in La Liga 76.5% ended in victories (114), 16.1% in draws (24) and only 7.4% in defeat (11). His team have scored an astounding 402 goals over the past four seasons and have only conceded 106. In fact, with these stats, Guardiola, with fewer games, has bested Cruyff, Michels and Rijkaard. Just in terms of victories, for example, the latter three managers had a win rate of 59.8%, 51.4% and 59%, respectively.

Here’s a breakdown of the three Dutch managers’ game outcome percentages:

Johan Cruyff: 59.8% won, 22.5% tied and 17.6% lost.

Marinus Michels: 51.4% won, 25.5% tied and 23% lost.

Frank Rijkaard: 59% won, 23.6% tied and 17.3% lost.

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